Learn the Rich History Behind Tony's Sandals

 The Bonanno family is five generations of shoe repair and shoemaking. We are also three generations of sandal makers. 

Benny Bonanno and Luigi Puchilo are the designers of the Navajo Sandal, which was worn by Jackie Kennedy to St. Edward's Church in Palm Beach, Florida.  This is what made the sandal design famous and led to the original sandal design being coined the Palm Beach Classic sandal.  

Benny and Eva Bonanno handmade the sandals since the fifties, and they opened their first shop in 1963 in Downtown West Palm Beach.  The original shop was called Dixie Shoe Repair. They continued to hand make the sandals one pair at a time until in the early '80s when Stephen Bonanno, the son of Benny and Eva Bonanno took over the family business and took it to the next level by bringing wholesale to over 300 stores throughout the United States and around the world. This was when Dixie Shoe Repair evolved into Stephen Bonanno Sandals. This was also when the sandals were featured in Time Magazine boosting popularity even more.

Now, around 40 years later, Stephen's son Anthony is carrying on the tradition with his creation of "Tony Bonanno Sandals."  Tony Bonanno Sandals is focused on bringing its customers long-lasting and durable sandals by using the highest quality materials.  Anthony is continuing the traditional styles of his family while also creating new designs to build upon the current sandal line.  

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Young Anthony in the shoe repair shop with his father Stephen